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2018 ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year, Brett Young, is arguably one of the fastest rising stars in country music today. DCR Nashville’s Director of Sales Jennifer Moore shares a bit about her relationship with Brett and his camp.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Brett’s team since 2017. Having an ongoing and longstanding relationship with both Brett’s management and his Lighting Designer, they came to me with the need to begin amping up his live shows which meant they wanted start carrying production. The challenge was to create something that would fit within budget, venue demands and trailer restrictions all without sacrificing the integrity of the show. The outcome was an all-out success and success would be something Brett Young would continue to enjoy the following year with reckless abandon.

The whole growth process has been organic and seamless. In 2018, with the addition of a Creative Director whom has worked with many of DCR Nashville’s clients, Brett redesigned his headlining show. The goal of this for me was to work with the creative team, to give them the tools they could scale to accommodate both his solo show and his upcoming direct support for Thomas Rhett’s 2018 arena tour, all while keeping everything on budget.

I’ve learned through my years of experience, working directly with artist management, budgets are essential and there is no price you can put on the trust you have in knowing that on the other end of a working partnership you have an advocate and someone who is genuinely invested in seeing your client succeed. Developing these relationships takes a lot of sweat equity, they don’t happen overnight and you must prove yourself time and time again. I feel blessed to have laid a solid foundation with the amazing team Brett has surrounded himself with and grateful for the tenacity of support I receive from our DCR Nashville team. Each member of the DCR family works hard every day to meet our clients needs and to exceed their expectations whenever that need arises.