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Division: Touring

If you want to go to a good party, look no further than a Chase Rice concert. His energetic live shows and edgy eclectic sound infuse any venue with good music and a good time. Looking back to when I first started working with Chase, he and his band were in a Sprinter van towing a small trailer and performing small country clubs in B markets. The moment he stepped on that stage his magnetic personality and die-hard fan base ignited the night. It was really quite something to watch and I knew he’d be going places.

With a strong desire to work with up and coming artists, I approached his management at Triple 8 to discuss options that would help Chase put on the show his fans deserved in a way that was cost effective and realistic for an artist embarking on the next level of their career.

Early on in the process we brought in Chris Lisle, owner of CLLD, into those discussions. I had worked with Chris before and knew he was also interested in working with up and coming artists. He and I spoke with management about where they wanted to go and ever since Chris has designed scalable shows, year after year, that match the mood and intensity of Chase’s ever evolving music. He’s done an excellent job listening to the artist and translating that with his art into beautiful well-crafted designs. He’s a true professional and has always been conscientious of budget, trailer pack and venue size.

It’s has also been my greatest pleasure to work with Chase’s management. Over the years we have developed a great report and have been a trusted source for them to come to for many of their artists production needs.

From Sprinter to Semi, you can now catch this workhorse of a client touring the country most of 2018 on his headlining Lambs & Lions Tour. I promise you, it’s a good time and a great show that will not disappoint! Everyone at DCR Nashville is very proud to be part of the magic.