Services: Light, Sound, Video
Division: Live Events

Money is a touchy subject and there is no one better at broaching the subject with the masses then businessman, author, radio host and motivational speaker Dave Ramsey. Dave has an important message to communicate with his audience and how the Dave Ramsey team communicates that message to his audiences is extremely important. That’s why they call on DCR Nashville as one of their trusted partners.

The Dave Ramsey production team has been a client of DCR Nashville for 3 years. The relationship started with a basic lighting package to supplement in-house lighting for Dave Ramsey events like Smart Money, EntreLeadership and Business Boutique.

What originally started as a standard package of Martin MAC Auras, Martin Quantum Profiles, Elations Color Chorus’s, a GrandMA OnPC and an Elation 22’ wide by 13’ tall EPT9ip LED video wall. Has now cultivated a relationship that has grown along with their productions. The Ramsey team call’s on DCR Nashville to help fulfill all their supplemental needs; everything from lighting, to audio, to LED Video and large-scale, multi-faceted systems for events such as their SMART Conference.

We, at DCR Nashville, don’t just send the Ramsey team gear. We send them armed with our knowledge and experience. Whenever they call in with a request, our team works diligently to understand their needs and to provide inspired solutions to their creativity. All of this is done to make sure Dave Ramsey and his team are set up for success no matter what the event or the need. We help them to gather information so they can execute an event to the very highest quality that they expect and deserve. We have worked closely with the Ramsey team to minimize on-site issues and to expedite the implementation of each event while staying on budget. Together, we have brainstormed and tested theories in our warehouse and boardroom that push the boundaries of corporate production while offering the best solutions and outcomes for their events.