Account Manager: John Schirmer, General Manager
Services: Light
Division: Touring Equipment

I’ve been working with this incredible artist since her direct support days in 2015. Funny enough it was my Soundcloud obsessed step-daughter that introduced me to Halsey’s music before her EP was even released. From the moment I heard her voice, I paid attention to where her career was headed and approached management when the timing was right.

The camp was young, raw and eager but I was just as eager and enthusiastic to be a part of the greatness I knew would soon be realized.

Soon ended up being an understatement. Before the A slot as direct support for one tour ended, she had her own first headlining House of Blues tour scheduled and sold-out promoting her first album “Badlands”, which quickly went Platinum.

At the time there were a lot of multiple hat roles for those at the core of the organization. It was a special opportunity to grow with them as they evolved. The game changer in production was when their Day-to-Day/TM/PM brought in Jimi Storey for the PM role. His experience and competence allowed management to focus on management, while production focused on production. Working alongside the creative team at Srae Productions and Jimi has resulted in some incredible tours. Most recently supporting her Platinum album “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom,” DCR Nashville supplied a modified production package from the arena tour that had just ended. “It was scaled perfectly to work in all the sheds we went in. DCR Nashville has gone above and beyond for us with white glove service. Jennifer has always been a trusted resource for the Halsey organization and bringing DCR into the mix was a great move. We are very happy with the partnership that has been built. We were fully supported during the HFK shed tour followed by our Fair and Festival run with the increased production” says Storey. DCR Nashville has since sourced the lighting production for their upcoming Fall European run and we continue with pride our support of this great artist.