Account Manager: John Schirmer, General Manager
Services: Sound
Division: Touring

It’s something we all want the answers for. It’s something we fear. Something we want to have a grip on.

The future. – Jordan Feliz

One of the pleasures of my career that I hold deeply with me daily is the artists that I get to work with in this industry. I admire the way they write, the way they reach out and touch the spirit of the audience and I admire the way they can change the weight of the of the world through music. I believe it is not a responsibility that they ask for but the best artists embrace it and hold that responsibility very close to their hearts.

Jordan Feliz is one of those artist’s that you just want to be around, he has embraced the gifts that were bestowed upon him and he uses them unselfishly to influence those who come in contact with him through his music. I have spent time with and watched Jordan work and he is nothing short of a miracle. It is my greatest pleasure to work with Jordan and his camp.

 Jordan is very connected to the production of his music and he uses it as a tool to craft his show to be the vehicle in which he does his outreach. In order for Jordan to do so he needs to rely on his team and I believe that Jordan has hired some of the best in the business to help deliver his message. 

Quinton Kelley is Jordan’s Production Manager and my relationship with Quinton is the foundation of how DCR Nashville provides for Jordan’s journey. Quinton is extremely smart and intelligent when it comes to running a concert tour. He is connected with his boss and knows exactly how to build Jordan’s shows to best connect with Jordan’s audience. 

There are times in your career when you look at your roster and think to yourself, “I am extremely privileged to call my clients friends and family.” With Jordan, Quinton and their team this happens on a daily occurrence. I am grateful that they chose me and DCR Nashville to help influence the world through their music.