Account Manager: Erik Parker, Senior Project Manager
Services: Sound
Division: Live Events Equipment

One of Bethlehem Pennsylvania’s greatest attractions is their annual music festival aptly named Musikfest. Founded in 1984 by ArtsQuest, a community-based nonprofit organization, the festival brings over 180,000 to the small historic town each year.

Musikfest is challenging from a production standpoint due to the fact that each night a different artist is headlining a full-length concert. The diversity in the line-up is one of the things that makes Musikfest so unique and successful. Providing an exceptional house rig that is easy to tie into and sounds great was essential.

“DCR was brought in to elevate production on this continuously growing annual festival. The mainstage brings top tier talent and we wanted to make sure that the audio components reflected the quality of the entertainment” says Jennifer Moore, VP of Sales and Marketing and Musikfest Account Manager.

For the house sound system DCR flew their L-Acoustics K2 Variable Curvature WST Line Source Cabinets for the main arrays which were flown on each side of the 84’ wide stage.

The front fill was accomplished by using the L-Acoustic Kiva II product. The Kiva II’s are light, compact and precise, resulting in clear vocals and smooth horizonal polar pattern. For subs, DCR used the L-Acoustic KS28 which carry a broad bandwidth with exceptional dynamics for ultimate LF power. Digico Sd10’s and Avid Profile consoles were used for both house and monitors along with the powerful and compact, full feature set of a Digico SD11 Digital Mixing Console that was used as the festivals production desk. In addition, Shure products were used for the majority of all the microphone and  monitoring needs.

Musikfest was elated with the level of support and quality DCR Nashville was able to provide. From equipment to crew, the service was second to none.  “When taking over the Production Manager role for Musikfest, I quickly learned the worst part of the job was sending out our out-of-date and under-powered audio tech pack. After collaborating with Jennifer and John at DCR, we quickly were able to get the audio portion of our festival up to date and provide top of the line audio to our visiting tours. The DCR team took the time to dissect the needs of the festival as well as the incoming tour riders to make it the smoothest 10-day festival it could possibly be audio wise. Thanks so much to DCR for making me look like the hero when it was actually all them!” said, John Jagielski – Production/Stage Manager – Musikfest, Bethlehem, PA.

Now under a mulit-year contract with the festival contract, DCR has developed a fantastic rapport with the creative team over at ArtsQuest and intend on expanding their services into lighting and beyond as the festival continues its growth trajectory.

“DCR is not just a vendor, instead we like to think of ourselves as a partner in production and are grateful to the creative team over at ArtsQuest for entrusting us with their production needs for the city’s most prized event” said John Schirmer, DCR General Manger.