Account Manager: Erik Parker, Senior Project Manager
Services: Design, Light & Sound, Video
Division: Live Events

There are few things in a growing city more exciting than the birth of their very own sports teams. Through the years Nashville has had its share of exciting moments. First you had the Tennessee Titans relocate to Nashville in 1997 for our very own NFL franchise. Just one year later the NHL granted an expansion hockey team to Nashville and the Nashville Predators wore born. Hockey has never been the same.

Nashville FC came to Nashville at a time when the city was bustling with excitement but without a soccer club of our own. In late 2013 Nashville soccer fans took matters into their own hands and formed the Nashville FC. Nashville FC was a member based nonprofit club in which the fans operated their own club. Their “Our City, Our Club” motto sparked a movement to bring yet again another professional sports team to Nashville. 

Six years later Chris Jones the General Manager of now Nashville SC reached out to me to discuss an idea that they had about an event they wanted to do at Marathon Music Works for their fans, the media, MLS and the city of Nashville that would take the excitement around their club to a whole new level in anticipation of their 2019 season and their very first season as an MLS Soccer club in 2020.

New club, new colors and new logo. “How can you help us make an impact?” I met with Chris and his team a couple of times to extract as best an idea as I could about how they wanted to present their club and I set off to design a system and a presentation that would excite even further an already very excited fan base. DCR Nashville brought lighting and video to a 100 year old building in metro Nashville and put on an event with Nashville SC that people will be talking about for years to come. 

And a relationship was born, that extends into all aspects of event production that Nashville Soccer Club does. Wether it’s a stage with lighting and audio in front of  a stadium for a pre game show or NSC sponsored EA sports Fifa Championships at Vanderbilt. DCR and Nashville Soccer club work together to bring top quality events to their fans.

It is clients like Chris and the Nashville SC that bring me back over and over to this business, it is a great pleasure to help inspire and execute on a vision that excites and inspires their fan base.