Account Manager: John Schirmer, General Manager
Services: Backline, Sound
Division: Touring Project Management

Royal Republic is a rock band from Malmö, Sweden, and when I received the phone call from their production manager they were looking to tour the states and not lose money. Calling on my experience as a global touring production manager and tour manager for many years, I sat down to etch out a plan that would help the boys in Royal Republic come to the states and tour without the concerns of money.

It all begins with the relationships you build, that allow you to help your clients. I was able to call in some favors to provide Royal Republic with the backline that they needed at a price they couldn’t get and I worked with them on the pricing for the gear that DCR Nashville would provide for their tour. In the end I was able to provide the band and their management a solution for a tour in a far off land that came in under their budget and was the best solution for their needs.