Services: Sound
Division: Touring

Tracey Lawrence has arguably the most recognizable voice in country music. Supporting a career of more than 27 years, that has yielded 18 number ones and over 14 million albums sold is no small order. With a robust touring schedule, slowing down is not an option for The Tracy Lawrence Tour. Whether it be country music’s biggest festivals or the rowdiest honky-tonks around the country, both DCR Nashville and The Tracy Lawrence crew provide world class support for a world class artist.

Tracy Lawrence plays a wide variety of venues, ranging from clubs to massive festivals. Space both on stage and in their trailer can be at a premium, so packaging and ease of deployment is of the utmost importance for their camp. With space always a factor, the Tracy Lawrence Tour choose’s to use an audio package that includes a Midas Pro 2’s because of the punch they provide in a compact package. They choose DL231’s for their flexibility, because it is very useful to have independent gain control of each input. This allows monitor engineer, Andy Wacker, to line-check the band without FOH Engineer, Trevor McIntosh’s console needing to be flipped; And for the TL team, that’s a common scenario.

Keeping with the space theme, they give high praise to Meyer for the MJF-210 monitors. Occupying such a small footprint, these monitors are more powerful than some of the PA’s we come in contact with. Their efficiency, in being self powered, eliminates the need for racks of amplifiers that eat up valuable trailer space. With an outstanding frequency response they can keep an artist with an ear like Mr. Lawrence’s happy and at the end of the day thats is why we are all here.