Paul Owen


Paul Owen, President of DCR Nashville is an ‘old roadie that still has some talent’ and an impressive 40+ years of industry experience equates to a lot of talent.

Paul’s experience was acquired through his iconic audio touring career which took him to over 70 countries and through most of the world’s key theatres, arenas, and stadiums. If you’ve been there, likely he was there first!

His leadership spans much farther than monitor engineering, sound engineering, crew chiefing and production managing some of the most notable artists of our lifetime. It also includes several successful Executive Leadership roles in companies such as Thunder Audio where he held the role of Vice President and most recently as General Manager for Solotech Nashville.

He has run everything from day-to-day touring production to company operations. He’s coordinated sound, lighting and video with set designers; designing their production for speed and flexibility all from a practical, real world application vantage point. Including designing multiple configurations of in the round systems spanning 30 years.

Paul was the first monitor engineer to innovate mixing away from the stage on cameras and as far back as 1991 many engineers started to follow suit, even his old assistant who mixes monitors for Bono’s U2’s.

Owen was also credited for the sound design on the IMAX movie “Through the Never.” He also ran production the for Jerry Jones NFL gold jacket party.

While his roster of clients runs deep, some of the highlights include:

Metallica, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Tesla, Wet Wet Wet, James Brown, Lynyrd Skynrd, Def Leppard, Jerry Cantrell, Jack White, Dolly Parton, Robert Plant, Bastille, Vampire Weekend and Steely Dan.

A couple of ‘Fun Facts’ about this two time Parnelli Award Winner, the ‘old roadie’ reference from above comes from his own words, a reference to his passion outside of work, oil painting.

The award he is most proud of receiving is the 2009 TEC Technical Excellence and Creativity Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement for Tour Production on Robert Plant & Alison Krauss’ Raising Sand Tour.

He also has a great sense of humor. He designed the taffeta reveal for Dolly Parton’s last tour and was quoted saying “Yes, that’s me working on the gathers of a 30ft tutu. I suppose I’ve done it all now. My mother was seamstress, she would be proud of me. LOL.”

A multi-faceted talent and wealth of experience, all of us at DCR Nashville welcome Paul with open arms to the team and look forward to introducing our clients both new and old to the latest addition in our family. Don’t forget to ask him for some of his tricks of the trade or for an old road story – both are worth their weight in gold.

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